Friday, 24 June 2016

Rain !

                                Aah ! Sigh ! The fragrance of freshly fallen rain !

                      This is the puddle where I splosh about to clean my wellies  .

 We had a little more rain during the night and everything has had a good drink . My parsnips are coming up.....but the compost that I used to fill the planting holes is dreadful . After the rain all that is left is nasty wood-chips , I cant remember which brand it was , but this is not good ... I will be more careful in future .

A lot of the seeds I,ve sown in this compost , just haven't germinated including the Climbing French beans that I did sow to climb up this frame . Too late to sow any more , but I have planted two Delicata Squashes here , to hopefully climb the frame instead .

I have now planted out most of my Leek seedlings . This year I have grown Pot  which are short and fat , Musselbrugh the good old , reliable and  fairly normal size one , Bulgarian Giant and the lovely one that has purple/blue leaves in the winter St Victor . The St Victor Leeks are looking the best I,ve ever grown !

                              They enjoyed the rain very much , but need more !

 These are a couple of lovely leeks that I kept growing to flower , for seed saving .

         Oh ! I spy our first little courgettes ! So expensive to buy ,so easy to grow .

Two perfect Cabbages, cut and brought in for lunch . I,m actually growing more and more Kale now though , it's even tastier !

                                         Little busy honey bee on the Sage .

I uploaded this photo by mistake , but since its there now I will tell you . It is going to be another one of Grandmas " In the Jungle " Tents , just waiting for a ground sheet and a blanket to be thrown over it .... lemonade and buns : ) Look there's my Blackbirdie boy checking it out ! He has a beak full of grubs , so his nest  must be close by . The female had disappeared for six weeks ..we feared the worst , but she is back  and coming to the backdoor for her grapes again .
 She may have been moulting her feathers and keeping herself hidden in the bushes  or sitting on her nest ...although she always found a way of sneaking back to me for her grapes over the years . Anyway we are delighted that she has come to no harm .


  1. Everything thrives after a shower of rain. My courgette, one only , is beginning to produce, and also my Cucumber!

  2. I,m going to try and save the seeds from one this year as the seeds are becoming so expensive . I guess I,ll have to let one grow to enormous proportions ....and then it will be a very mushy job getting the seeds out .
    I will let you know how this goes ! : )