Tuesday 14 June 2016

Schlumbergera opuntioides update

So here I have a little update for my cacti friends on the British Cactus Succulent Society Forum .  http://forum.bcss.org.uk/   and lovers and geeks of cacti  , wherever  you might be in the world . I know you're out there !
               Shlumbergera Opuntioides in flower still since last November .
About three years old now , a cutting that a very kind and generous gentleman gave to me from the BSCC Forum .
It seems to be just opening one or three flower buds at a time , every now and then , unlike the usual Schlumbereras and Ripsalis  ( Christmas and Easter Cactus  )  which have a mass flourish of blooms and then rest till the following year . This one is quite a rare thing, a kind of half Schlumbergera , half Opuntia .
 It comes from a small location up in the coastal mountains of South West Brazil . Epiphytic , it grows on tree branches and rocks .

                                            Schlumbergera Opuntioides

                            I love it's re-flexed petals like pink coiled satin ribbons .

                      The tips of the leaf pads are often tinged with purple .

Some people find this very hard to grow , reporting that it falls to pieces very easily , mine is on a North facing windowsill .
Let me know if you want a piece , should the worst happen and I have cuttings to spare . .... but it seems quite happy at the moment .
             O.K Fellow Geeks ...Over and out ! : )


  1. Lovely plant and on my wish list:)

    1. Hello, If you are in the u.k I could send you a little unrooted piece , private message me :)I couldn't find your blog ? Do you collect Cacti ?