Tuesday 7 June 2016

Cucumbers Planted out ,Climbing French Beans sown .

 A cool misty morning , which soon cleared and now is too hot for me out there . Glad I got outside early while it was still cool .
 I rigged up another frame of bamboo canes that I found behind the shed and threw in the last of a brown paper bag of Blue Lake Climbing Beans that I had in my tin . Hoping these are still viable , I cant remember when I bought them .

  I picked some Rhubarb for a crumble later on , I grew that clump of  Victoria Rhubarb from seed a couple of years ago . Yep , a normal person would buy a root from the Garden Centre ...well you know me ..actually I am surprised at how fast it has grown from seed and it just shows that it can be done .
I grew three Marketmore Cucumber plants this year from seed and planted two out under this frame see below .

I still need to fix on some sort of net or grid for the cucumbers to climb upon ..maybe some pea sticks will do the job . I am going to sow a few more Cucumber seeds direct into the earth ..for succession , but I think even just these two plants will be enough for my family . It's nice to have some to give away too .
    Husband put the third Cucumber into his new VegTrug . I had been finding the Veg Trug useful for using as a potting bench ,it is at such a comfortable height ,  but  I am now banned from using it as he has now taken over it again . His tomatoes are doing well in his shed too  .
  Anyway..... I am tired , aching  but blissfully happy . Praying for rain  .

                                   Happy little bee on my Purple Raspberry bush .

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  1. Good luck for your new plantings and I think we are due a bit of rain xx