Saturday 25 June 2016

Moving on to tackle the Secret Fern Garden

 This morning as I walk around the veg garden  , the air is much fresher after a night of continuous light drizzle . I find a couple of baby leeks pulled out and tossed around by the birds .....

The Zebrune Shallots are now doing well , after having been grazed to the ground by slugs , to the point of me thinking all my efforts were wasted of growing these from seed , pricking them out , nurturing them ,planting them out , weeding in between , putting grids over etc  grrrrr ....  but they came back and look to be doing well now .
   So I can take those grids off them and put them over the baby leek transplants .

 I cant help feeling sorry for the little leek transplants ,dropped down into their deep holes with very little earth at the bottom ....but I know that they will fill out and eventually look quite handsome .

So with everything doing fairly well now up in the veg garden  , I can now allow myself to tackle another area of our garden that is in dire need of attention .

In between the Summerhouse and the end of the garage was a very dark and damp corner of the garden ...  I decided to fix up that trellis fence and gate and turn it into a Secret Fern Garden . Look there's my other little friend the Robin !
  So I planted it up with a couple of tree ferns and just nurtured the native Cornish ferns ,which were already in there , er  what else  ? .....Cyclamen ...Cyperus papyrus , Solomon's Seal , Mouse tail plant , Arum Lilies to name a few , but mostly ferns .....and the special Monkshood Aconite that Jessica gave me .

                                                        .......and Honeysuckle

                                                    ........... and foxgloves

                    ................. and the Monkshood Aconite  , soon to flower....

 Actually this is a better picture showing how the Secret Fern Garden is in between the Summerhouse and the garage . Around the back are big old Sycamore trees , which have been coppiced and are growing back vigorously , it is therefore a lovely , cool and shady place to sit during the hottest days of Summer .
 So I have begun lopping down a few of those sycamore branches and doing some serious weeding in there . We need a new seat and those wagon wheels need painting again .
   Now which colour shall we paint them this time ?
        So much to do !  Have a great weekend !


  1. Your garden is AMAZING...

    Have a super weekend :)

    1. Thankyou .. Working in the garden is playtime for me ..although I don't have quite so much stamina as I used to . You have a great weekend too : )

  2. Your corner with summer house, fern and roses looks idyllic...just the place for your inspired embroidery.

  3. Just found your blog and love your garden, what a wonderful paradise you have created

    1. Hi Dawn , thankyou .I love your journal too at great ideas and photos !
      Have a happy weekend ...oh my goodness it's July already ! : )