Friday 21 June 2024

Sauromatum venosum


                                 It's arrived !

                                       And there are two !   Thankyou so much Toucan Tropicals ! 

I quickly got them potted up and some horticultural grit around them to deter the slugs .

I can't wait to see these put up their spotted inflorescences (flowers) .....but maybe I'll have to wait a year for them to settle in and just enjoy their gorgeous speckled peduncles (stalks) and leaves . Can you tell I've been reading up about them ?  🤣

This is a similar one called Amorphophallus konjak . This is one that I already have out in the garden .

                             Amorphophallus konjak leaves .

 ..... and this is the gorgeous Amorphophallus konjak inflorescence  ....... which has the fragrance of rotten meat .....but only for a short time .🪰 This attracts the flies which pollenate it .  🐜🪰🪰

 This one is quite hardy in the U.K.  I'm not sure about my new one Sauromatum venosum . I think for a while I might treat it like a Dahlia and bring it under cover and keep it dry over the Winter months .

Sauromatum venosum  has a spotty inflorescence ......flower . I will update you on it's progress  🙂

In the porch for a while until it settles in and I need to make plant labels .

                                 I am in love !   🌿🪰🐜


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