Friday, 26 May 2017

Another Epiphyllum flower !

        This morning I opened the greenhouse door to be greeted by yet another beautiful Epie bloom .

             I think this one is Epiphyllum crenatum or it could be Epiphyllum crenatum var chichicastenago...this one came from a cutting from my mother's one , which in turn came from my Grandmother . I always wonder where on earth my Grandmother got it garden centres back in her time .

                                         So this is a very special one for me .

  There was a slight fragrance ..but I think this was still coming from yesterday's Epiphyllum oxypetalum blooms.
   Maybe when I go up to close the windows I'll have another check on the perfume..but I am thinking that this one has no fragrance .

Look at the size of it in my hands ! When the Epies have finished flowering , I will be having a ruthless Epie tidy up and re-label everything ....there should be lots of cuttings..if anyone wants one . They are very easy to root . They are best in a  greenhouse really , on the shady side . I fix up windbreak mesh for shade . They like to climb and scrabble about ..maybe too untidily for you ..but I adore them !


  1. Actually , if you are an Epie expert out there,I would be delighted if you can identify this Epiphyllum or any of my other ones ....please dont hesitate to correct me ..I'd be delighted ! Daisy Debs :)

  2. That is a stunning flower!

  3. Very architectural with the spikes. Extremely interesting and beautiful to the eye.

  4. The Epiphyllum you sent me is hopefully doing very well in my friend's porch. I knew it would probably not survive our move, and since my friend had a long time association with them, I thought it best to hand it on. The bloom on your plant is magnificent.

    1. The one I gave you was Epiphyllum Purple Delight . I,m glad your friend is looking after it ..she will be delighted when she sees the flower on that one ! What was your friend's association with them I wonder ? I see that you are busy making marmalade so I think you must be settling into your new home quite happily :)