Thursday, 25 May 2017

Oh ! What a Beautiful Morning !

 Oh ! What a beautiful morning ! ....this was about 6.30 am is going to be fiercely hot today ...and I know you love it , but it just doesn't suit me when its this hot !

Anyway ....
I couldn't wait to go up to the greenhouse again this morning and get the windows open .

           As I opened the greenhouse door , a lemony fragrance is filling the warm air .

Both of the flowers have fully bloomed, I,m wondering if I might be able to pollinate these ? My Lab-lab beans are looking good ,I,ve not grown these before, this is a beautiful climbing bean thing with purple flowers and purple pods .

I haven't planted out my French Beans yet , the extremes of temperature between day and night would finish them off ....the ground is now too dry and hard .
  I,m waiting till maybe this weekend , when we have rain forecast .

           Gete -Okosomin update  ---- it's doing very well it's next size up pot .

 It even has two tiny flower buds forming . I,m wondering if I might pollinate these flowers while the plant is still in the solar shed . I have to keep the seeds pure and not cross with any other Squash . To that end I,m not growing any other Squashes or Pumpkins this year ( actually I have grown some but I,m giving them to my daughter Babybear who lives miles away over in Helston and who has already  prepared her little Veg -Garden with compost and bamboo canes at the ready ! ).
Anyway ..... I,m hoping to share these seeds to seriously interested veg gardeners eventually .

I,ve got the paddling pool out , to catch the precious rain and give water for the thirsty wildlife to come and drink .

 I,m off to the Parc Eglos School children's boat launch thing !
    I,m looking forward to watching my grandson and all his class mates launch boats that they have each made on the Coronation Park boating lake ..Grandma and Grandpa have been invited sounds like its going to be so much fun and I,m so happy for them that they are going to have a lovely day for it .
                                      Hope the weather is nice for you too !

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