Saturday, 27 May 2017

French Beans and Leeks ..... in !

 Mostly lots of lightening flashes last night and not a lot of rain ...the greenhouse water butt is still only a third full . More rain is forecast for tomorrow though and I thought I,d better get on and plant out those French Beans and Leeks .
 So I got up at 6am and was out into the veg garden at 6.30 am..The lightening had stopped ,but it was still raining . I put on my cagoule and got thoroughly soaked as the rain ran down off my cagoule into my wellies . I got the French beans in . Cobra , Blue Lake and a purple podded variety . I hope it isn't going to be too windy tomorrow, they seem so delicate compared to the Runner Beans on the other frame .
Then we went shopping , then we had lunch . Then I got back out there and planted the baby leeks .

 Yes , very happy to have found my Leek Planting tool . I get all the holes made first .

 Birdie , my little friend sat watching and hopping down occasionally to grab a worm or  grub . She must about 10 years old or so ..she does love a grape ..and if I dont give her one , she will quite happily fly into my kitchen and help herself if the door is open .
 A few weeks  ago we noticed she was limping very badly as if in pain and her feathers around her beak had gone .....we were very worried about her .

  I took this picture just about an hour ago and I think she is looking much better than she did . I think her feathers are slowly beginning to grow back and she is no longer limping .

 I put a tiny amount of  fresh compost into the bottom of the holes to give them a good start . You are not supposed to back fill, so that the leek shaft can expand easily .
 The Leek babies  had a good soak before being dropped into each hole . I had put a pinch of seed compost into the bottom and the coming rain will water them in and settle the roots . The earth will gradually wash down in the rain .
 ...... or at least that is what is supposed to happen ....

 I just hope the rain is not going to be too torrential  and they get buried or washed away !
I got a good tip on Allotments4all ..(actually Dicky and Heather have a brilliant blog..check them out at ) that is to rig up some  micro mesh or builders mesh netting as a windbreak ,while the beans get settled in .
Well I couldn't find any so I,ve rigged up empty compost bags between the chicken wire and some old grids held in place by the wheelbarrow and the cane with the bottle on top  to hold it all up .

  I just checked out the met office weather forecast....Dry with clear spells tonight ( the beans wont like that ! )
Further thundery downpours arriving tomorrow.
Sunday will see a fine start with sunny spells......

 However ...torrential  , thundery showers will arrive from the South with the risk of
hail and some localised flooding  !  :(  Which means I fixed up all that windbreak on the wrong side !

 I turned the other wheelbarrow on its side on the South side (storm coming in side) .
 The dog needs her walkies now .....may be I'll have another look and see what I can do later on ....   sigh .....


  1. We had lightning storms last night, but although it rained, the barrelsare not yet full.

  2. Well it didn't happen ! The water butts still only about a third full . We had some rain ,but not the predicted yellow warning amount I was hoping for..thankfully no wind to speak of either . So its back to carrying a watering can around again . This morning it is very close and humid here . Splitting headache because of it .... ugh..groan .