Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Aloe ferox - leaf cutting - experiment

 So before I could get into the greenhouse to show you around , I had to take out all the big things which had been over wintering in there . These two Aloe (very ) ferox were probably the heaviest ones , being planted in plain old free garden earth . Planet Earth earth !


Actually these have been left in the greenhouse  for the last three years , I know this  because I,ve been too poorly to lift them in and out and that broken leaf has been there since then ....and it is still green and alive looking .

 It must have snapped off as , then , very strong me lifted it in to the greenhouse and I had just stuck it a little into the earth in the pot and gone off and forgotten all about it .

Could it possibly be putting down roots ? Could those spikes actually turn into roots ?

Well I took it up and turned it over  and sure enough ..I think one or two of those spikes are becoming more white looking .
 So now feeling guilty that I did not take more care I decided to give it some more tender loving care . Finds plastic tray , nice fresh gritty compost , grit , label ,nice stones I found on the beach ......

                    Very nice stones I found on the beach ..aren't they cool ? ! :)

                                              Perfect for reclining on .......

 Making sure the base is into the gritty compost and more grit all around to keep the snails off .

                                 Reclining in the the warm Cornish sunshine .

 Has anyone done this ? Would like to know did it produce pups /roots ? Or will it just become like " the blob " .....in my last post ?

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