Monday, 22 May 2017

Cactus Flowers !

 When I step into my cactus greenhouse and see Cactus flowers , my heart leaps for joy !

                  Although most of these cactus flowers only last a day , it is worth the wait  .

 The top one is an Echinopsis  something or other and the lower one is an Optuntia  something or other , the labels were lost long ago  ..if anyone knows please do let me know so I can give them new labels .

                            This is one of the more gentle spineless Optuntias .

                     I can only detect the slightest hint of fresh lemony fragrance .

 " The blob " --update ..... so I,m trying to get this thing to put out its lovely vine . I bought it at the Penzance Cactus and Succulents show maybe about 6 years ago ...or more . It has a vine with the prettiest leaves I ever did see . I just had to buy it ! It had no label the gentleman told me what it was at the time ,but by the time I got home I,d forgotten .
 Once again , if anyone has any idea what this might be I,d be ever so grateful .
Anyway the vine died back over winter, it became dormant ....and then never woke up .
 I,ve tried everything, only watering it a very little , putting it in to more sunny place , putting it into a more shady place having not watered it at all over this winter I am now trying giving it lots of water . The water from my water but is actually quite warm from the morning sun , there actually isn't much water left in there we have had such a long drought now . So I have completely immersed it to really saturate the dry compost .

                                         I only dunked it for a very short time .

                            I left it to drain before taking it back into the greenhouse .
                                               Look at the picture  below .

 You can see that it is still green and has little pimples where I suppose the vine shoots come out from .  Oh well , I put it back into the greenhouse amongst all its friends .

                                    The water butt is now empty again .
 Those are my leeks waiting to be planted out .Someone has stolen my Victorian Leek planting tool !

                  Oh dear !  Note to myself - Don't forget to water the hanging baskets !

                                                            Daisy Debs x

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