Wednesday, 30 September 2020

A Very Special Visitor !

 I know this is a very dark picture , it was quite early on this very gloomy morning and pouring with rain ....but look who came to visit me and is sitting on my front gate ! On my front gate ! Wow !

Sparrow hawk or Peregrin falcon ?  What do you think ? 

Very handsome boy ! He made my day !  :)


  1. Sparrow hawk definitely - maybe a female hard to tell,without more colour. We’ve seen buzzards wheeling over the allotment site so hope that the6 cull a few wood pigeons.

  2. Oh ! well , thankyou Sue ! :) There are lots of Buzzards here too . We still have the young buzzard here, it likes to sit on the ground in the middle of our meadow . I get such a thrill from all the beautiful wildlife . I have put a net over my brassicas . Big storm Alex coming in from about 5am tomorrow . Batten down the hatches ! :)

  3. I wouldn't like to say what it was as I'm not very clued up on birds but I bet it was a marvelous experience for you. I once found a parrot in the gardens and as it was mid winter and he wasn't very happy I took it and kept it in the hot greenhouse. It lived in there for quite a while but a rat got in and killed it which was very upsetting.

  4. Hello , That was very kind of you to help poor parrot . Oh dear ! Oh well , you did your best ! I am now following your lovely gardening journal :)