Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Weeding , weeding , weeding !

A beautiful Sun-rise across the meadow this morning . The weather bright , quite mild now the wind has gone .

I have looked at the weather forecast and it seems that today is the last day of sunshine for a long while ....infact it seems that we are to have rain pretty much every day for the whole of next month ! So I did a huge pile of laundry and got it all dry on the line , feeling very pleased with myself .

We have been admiring the white Japanese Anemones in peoples gardens , that we have seen whilst driving around Helston....and were thinking about where we might aquire some for our garden . We remembered that our daughter had lots of  different ones in her garden and she very kindly allowed us to go and take some .

So whilst she was out walking their new puppy , in we went armed with fork , spade and some old compost sacks :)

We got a nice clump of Shasta Daisies , a piece of a Geranium Johnson's Blue , a small clump of Dark pink Japanese Anemones and a very good sized clump of the gorgeous white Japanese Anenomes  .Very happy me !Then we dashed home to get them planted as fast as we possibly could, because Japanese Anemones don't really like being transplanted .

On arrival home , I realise that I needed to do some serious weeding and tidying in this bed before I could even think of planting them .

                                      Before .

                                      After .

I spent a good couple of  hours weeding and as you can see that big pink wheelbarrow is full ! The new plants are waiting and wilting in the orange wheelbarrow .

They did look sad,but we got them into the ground and gave them a drink to settle them in . The lovely white one ......
             ..........and the dark pink one ,which will look lovely in amongst the pale pink ones which we already have . 
It will be lovely next year. 
I still have a fair bit to do but I have to be careful as I have already pulled a muscle which is taking a very long time to heal . I am glad of the rain coming ,to water them all in , so I dont have to carry the heavy watering can .
Actually my husband kindly gave them a drink, by this time I was gasping for a cup of tea too !

After lunch we set off for our walk along the cliffs , to see the Choughs. Not a very good picture of them this time , sorry !  
                         We watched the sun begining to set across the sea.

And this evening I watched the Moon as it rose above the meadow .The end of another beautiful day .


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