Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Veg Trug -update


The seeds that  I sowed a couple of weeks ago are all coming along nicely in the Veg Trug . Especially now we are having some rain . Lovely Lettuces , Pak choi , Coriander and Dill , Kale and lots and lots of Spring onions .

                                          I am so happy !

The compost has sunk down quite a bit and probably doesn't have much goodness left in it after a year of growing things . It must be quite exhausted , but I thought I,d get one more crop out of it . I,ll top it up with fresh compost next Spring .

 These young seedlings are at least sheltered from the wind . I will be rigging up some sort of a cloche with environmesh to go over it , for when the weather turns really wild and chilly , but for now , this,ll do .

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