Saturday, 5 September 2020

September Harvest - Clear away - Start again .

 The Wheel of Seasons turns and brings in Autumn .  Leaves begin to tumble from the trees . The leaves on my Tomato plants are also fading away , but I,m not letting it end here..we must try and keep the veg garden going and remember to feed and replenish the Earth .
   My order of Autumn planting onion sets arrives . 200 sets of a variety that I have not tried before , Winter Red .

 I harvest all of the remaining Tomatoes that have reached a good size , both red and green . I cut down and clear away all the vines .
  I carry out all the pots of spent compost  . I will add this to the to the African Keyhole Bed  after I have cleared away all the Courgettes and Butternuts in a couple of weeks time . I,m still hoping for more Butternuts !

                                  Very pleased with all the Tomatoes !

  I had a good sweep out of the shed and planted the onion sets into modules .

 I could just plant them out  , but find that this way is better , because if they grow a bit of a root system , when I finally plant them out in a couple of weeks time , the birds can't pull them out so easily .
  The birds mistake the little green onion shoots for worms !
 I put grids over them as an extra precaution .
This also gives me a couple of weeks , to make ready the bed where I am  going to plant them out .

 The sun is shining into my greenhouse , where the small sweet peppers are still swelling and ripening .

 Through the window  I peer to see how the Tomatoes are doing in there .

 They are looking healthier and greener than the ones in the solar shed , I will leave these to carry on swelling and ripening .

    Husband keeps asking when these mini sweet peppers will be ready !

   I must plant them earlier next year and also try and give them more compost and a better quality compost too . However , I think these are the best Sweet Peppers  I,ve ever grown .

Here is the Veg Trug , I know it looks a mess , but I couldn't afford to buy a proper Veg Trug cover for it so I,m using whatever I could find to cover it and keep the birds off .
  I have sown a variety of seeds , lettuces , pak choi , coriander , dill , spring onions in here .
 The compost needs topping up in here and it has sunk down quite a bit , but I think I,ll wait until next Spring to top it up .

                            Grids and plastic mesh to keep the birds off .

                                      Teeny tiny Onions germinating !

                                                    Pak choi

         Lettuces , lots of different varieties and other leaves for salads.
It makes me feel so happy to see these growing away as we  go into Autumn .
 In the Veg Trug everything is at a nice height and easy for people with aching backs to tend to it .

                                      Feed and replenish the Earth .

 Our neighbour brought round a wheelbarrow of lovely horse manure for us . Thankyou Colin !

I decide to clear a space for it on each of the veg beds, cover it and spread it over the beds next Spring when the worms have worked their magic on it .

 I begin to take down all the bean poles and am planning on re-doing the chicken wire fence around individual beds and tidying up all the edges again .

             Taking out all the chicken wire posts, bamboo canes etc .

 The manure looked liked so much in the wheelbarrow , but doesn't  look  like much when I tip it out !  .....but I am told that I can collect more if I need it .
 Yes please ! :) 
                                              Luxury Worm Hotel
 I have covered it over with cardboard and a plastic sheet to keep it dry over Winter .

                                          Apples , Pears and Plums

                                  Lots of lovely Apples for the freezer .

                  Time to think about bringing in my Pelargoniums  .
                          I hope it is all going well for you too .
  Hoping and praying for a vaccine so we can begin to live a normal life again .


  1. We need to buy our onions sets. Strangely ours always grow better if we plant them straight out.They seem to suffer a set back is we transplant them and take a while to get going again. The reds never do well for us.

    1. Hi Sue , there's still plenty of time . I might buy some white ones too , but we do love red ones . These are a variety called Winter Red, which I,ve not tried before . Fingers crossed they actually do make it through the Winter ! :)

  2. I wish I was there to walk around and help you with your Autumn jobs, your garden is amazing. That wheelbarrow filled with manure was a joyful sight . . . only another gardener can appreciate that feeling, LOL. Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine while you have it :)

  3. I have really enjoyed following the garden through the year.