Monday, 27 May 2019

Mullion Village Church of St Mellanus - Wild Flower Festival

Today I,m taking you to see the Wild Flower Festival at Mullion Village Church of St Mellanus .

The pathway leading up to the church entrance was lined with flower filled clogs , shoes , trainers and wellington boots .

                                                        So pretty !

It does look so pretty with the pink Hawthorn in full bloom .
  The two middle trees were replaced a few years back , but are fast catching up with the older ones now .

                            More shoes and boots , such a lovely idea !

                             Through the main entrance , a glimpse inside .

                                        St Mellanus above the door.

Soft classical music played as I walked around . Such delicate wild flowers , so carefully arranged up beside the main Altar .

                               Little arrangements delight the eye .

                                                All so fragile .

                The light streaming in through the stained  glass windows .

                                          The lovely Paschal Candle .

                             This is my favourite window ..gorgeous !

             .....and this tiny arrangement at the end of a pew ... so sweet !

I came to find out information about the Mother's Union in Mullion for a friend .
               Well , here was the Mother's Union badge or logo  .

 And there is going to be a Mother's Union open meeting next Thursday . Unfortunately we have to go to the dentist , so I wont be able to get to this ..oh...well ..another time ....but do go and meet them all if you're in Mullion and I,ve heard the Handbell Ringers are really good too ! :)

 The ancient Holy Water font ....was empty as I dipped my hand in ...

 My husband bought two slices of delicious Victoria sandwich cake , with jam and butter cream filling and butter cream and crumbled chocolate flake on top . The kind lady on the cake stall , even gave him a tub to carry it home in ...I will drop it back tomorrow . The cake was absolutely delicious !

 The rest of the day was spent admiring more Epiphyllum flowers up in the greenhouse . This one is E. Bountiful and the photograph just doesn't do it  justice . Now that it is fully open there are flashes of purple in the middle when the light shines through it and the red is more of an orange -red ..just gorgeous !

   This one has lovely yellow petals around the outer ring and sweet perfume .

 I potted up those Epie cuttings and will be planting out those Physalis babies tomorrow .

 I got the Charles Dowding method , multi-sown Leeks planted out at last ....although there is another tray of them which I am holding back , to plant out later on , to take us into the Winter . There will be more space for them later on too . We use a lot of leeks !

 The Sweetcorn and two more Butternuts also got planted out .We also really love Butternut Squashes ! 
 We really could do with a good steady downpour of rain , hopefully over night .

 Epie cuttings rooted and putting out fresh new shoots and one of them even has a flower bud !

                So all is well in the greenhouse and I am off to bed ...

                    ...I'll be dreaming about flowers tonight for sure  !


  1. Love your blog and photos thank you. from KathaK (Scotland)

  2. Lovely post and pictures. xx