Monday, 20 May 2019

Sunday 19th May planting out time !

 Sunday morning I was up early as usual , but not really able to get stuck into gardening on account of our Church service being at 11.30 am and I would need to have a flop and a cup of tea ,shower and change into something a little smarter after gardening and there simply would not be enough time ...and I also might forget the time altogether !
 So we had our breakfast and while I did the washing up , I watched our young squirrel performing circus tricks on the bird feeders  .  As I have said  before , we rarely get any squirrels at all ..... maybe one in five years if we are  lucky . This is because the trees that had been their tree-top corridor in , have been chopped down on both sides of our garden .We don't get as  many Owls as we used to either . It is very sad , as there really aren't all that many fully grown trees here on the Lizard compared with other places .
 We must plant more trees and protect our Cornish hedges and hedgerows , which in turn protects our wildlife  .
 On a happier note we have a pair of Ravens nesting up in our big Pine tree and they are a joy to observe , as they go back and forth to feed their chick . We watch as they shoo -away the Buzzard and a Red Kite .

I ran inside to get the camera and only managed to take this one very poor photo of the  beautiful Red Kite ..fuming because it had just flown low over my garden and I had missed it ! We don't see the Red Kite very often .

 Meanwhile in the greenhouse , this beauty has opened . The label in the pot says "Epiphyllum Queen Anne ", but I don't think this is correct and it looks very similar to E. crenatum ..the outer petals are slightly different .
I think the labels got muddled up when we moved house years ago

 Anyway , it is beautiful and perfumes the air and it has another bud waiting to open . When the Epies have finished blooming and about two weeks after that time  , I will be tidying them up and taking lots of cuttings  .

Later on - after Church ....
Out in the Vegetable garden I am busy planting out my young seedlings ...

         Celery , Lettuce , Courgettes , Butternut Squash and a few Beetroot .
I made a simple frame  for them to climb on with a couple of  pieces of pigwire bent round in an S-shape held in place with sticks .
 I,m feeling sad that my one Pumpkin seed did not germinate  . Not sure if there will be time to try again .....maybe I will have a rummage through my seed box later on , to see if I have any more Pumpkin seeds . I always grow a Pumpkin for my Grandchildren Sunflower seeds didn't come up either...but a friend  gave me a spare packet of seeds that she had and I will try again with them tomorrow .

                                On with the planting out of Kalettes .....

                               ......and the Cavolo Nero Tuscan Kale .
                                                     So delicious !

                   Then to cover them over with environmesh cloche .

                  Daubenton Kale -perennial , doing really well under environmesh  , to keep the Cabbage White butterflies from laying eggs on it's leaves from slugs at the moment since the weather has been so dry .

I even pulled out the hose to water everything I'd just planted and get them settled in .
Tomorrow I will plant out the Runnerbeans and French-beans .

      I will leave you with one more picture that I took of this cheeky little fella , who made me chuckle today !

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