Sunday, 8 August 2021

Weeding , weeding , weeding !


There are two roses in this bed , an Iris , a nice clump of Impatiens tinctoria , a huge Chamaerops humilis , a couple of Dahlias  and hundreds of Cowslips and Primroses .

Ivy such a nuisance in this area of the garden , all in-between the roots of the Iris  and grass growing likewise through the roses . I had no choice but to take out one of the Roses to pluck it all out ! 

Look at all that grass at the front of this bed . It is coming up through all the Primroses , I have had to take them all out !

I gathered all the equipment I needed from the shed and wheeled it down in the wobbly wheelbarrow .
I promised myself , that I could have the pleasure and reward of planting out into this bed one of the Furcraea longaveas , or maybe Beschorneria yuccoides that I have been growing up in the greenhouse .   It was such a long time ago that I found the seedlings , that I can't remember which it is ! 
Anyone know ?    Anyway , either of these and it will be fabulous here ! 

Happy to be planted out ! ...and there is rain on the way to water it in  .

It should look lovely with the Iris next to it and a rock to shelter it and soak up the sun and give out some warmth at night .

I did a quick rearrangement  of those rocks . The large one on top , has a nice  hollow that collects a small pool of water when it rains and it is where the Thrush and the Blackbirds like to smash snails , so it is important that I get this right . I will come back to sort that out tomorrow , as I really want to get this wretched weeding done before the rain .

Meanwhile up in the vegetable garden , since the wind was blowing well away from our neighbour's direction , my husband  , after checking the heap for Hedgehogs etc got a good fire going to clear all the branches and weeds that we'd cut back at the end of Winter . He did a good job !  I didn't get even the slightest wiff of smoke in the garden , here , down below the vegetable garden and the heavy rain coming will ensure it quickly goes out this evening .

We plan to plant more fruit bushes here eventually .

Back down where I am in the ornamental garden , I plant out this lovely Aeonium . 

It is getting dark and beginning to rain ! 

I thankfully , manage to get all the grass out from around the second rose without disturbing the roots too much . The rain was really coming down now , so I knew the roots would be settled  in again . Anyway , these two roses need a good prune and mulch .  Which I can do tomorrow .

Now it is really dark and lashing down with rain and like we used to see on the Royal Tournament , I run with the wheelbarrow full of tools and heavy with clumps of Primroses and Cowslips up into the shed . Put the tools away and run back to the cottage , soaked to the skin !

                                                   Photo taken with the flash !

Passing the Carnivorous plants on the way . They are looking happy enough !

I think I will have a quiet and gentle day tomorrow .

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