Thursday, 5 August 2021

Selenicereus grandiflorum

 .......and then the postman came .  Whoo hoo ! My Selenicereus cutting has arrived ! A lovely surprise to find that Yorkshire roots has sent me an extra one .

I was instructed to let the cuts callous over before planting them ....but I noticed there are a couple of tiny aerial roots , so I thought the best thing to do would be to lay them on a small module of quite dry cactus compost and leave them to do their own thing .

Those aerial roots should find their way down into the compost and my thinking is that the cuttings should produce new growth shoots all along the length  .

I ran out of chicken grit ! Chicken grit is good for doing cactus cuttings like this  .It is nice and sharp , for good drainage and to keep snails off . 

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  1. Did you notice that I spelt Selenicereus wrong ! aagh !.... I,ve corrected it now ...ha ha ha !