Monday, 2 August 2021

I,m growing a Mango !



Yep ! I,m growing a Mango Tree ! The fruit was juicy and sweet  . I can't just discard that beautiful stone !

So I planted it into a small pot with some multi-purpose compost , watered it in and left it on the table in the woodshed .

Then I decided to do some research about Mangos and found out that I was doing it all wrong !

               So I had to un-plant it  , wash off all the compost and start again .

    So now then  what you have to do is ,very carefully , with a knife prise the stone shell apart to reveal the seed inside .   I used a very small pen knife but I think it would be possible to prise the shells apart with an ordinary blunt cutlery knife   PLEASE GET AN ADULT TO DO THIS FOR YOU .  Mine was very slippery .

                                             Be careful not to damage the seed .

                                 I can see the root there already just waiting to grow .

                          Next I took a paper towel /kitchen paper and made it slightly damp .

                                       Roll it up inside the damp kitchen paper .

                                    Put it into a zip lock plastic bag .

                                                    Label it .

 Then you have to put it somewhere warm . I am putting mine on the bathroom window , it is always fairly warm in there .

  And now I have to wait for about two weeks for the seed to begin to put out it's roots and those first leaf shoots  .  I,m so excited !      Fingers crossed   , I will give you an update in a couple of weeks  :)


  1. Wow, that will be interesting to see it grow, not tried a mango yet.

    1. Be careful with the knife Poppy ...I think you could actually use an ordinary blunt cutlery knife to prise it open with..still be very careful :)

  2. Fascinating - sending good growing vibes . . .