Monday, 2 August 2021

Thinking about my Tree saplings

 The weather has been very extreme this year , first no April showers , then it became too hot for me to venture outside .We have recently had some rain , although still not enough to fill the water-but .

A little cooler now and I am able to potter about catching up with things .

I suddenly remembered my little Oak saplings and dashed to see if they were o.k . They have been nibbled by rabbits  ! As you can see they needed weeding .

I soon sorted them out , gave them a good drink and I might be able to revive the nibbled ones .

                                                        I do still love the bunnies !

                                            I put them out of reach of the rabbits .

The Ginkgo bilobas are looking good , I wont be planting them out  until they are much bigger though .

The last remaining Monkey Puzzle is waiting to be planted out maybe this Autumn . I grew all of these from seeds/nuts .

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