Wednesday, 4 August 2021

All things Bright and Beautiful !


I planted up this large shallow bowl with a few pretty things  and sunk my small collection of three carnivorous plants in their pots . They have to stand in a little rain water . Tap water will kill them .They must only have rain water . 

Carnivorous plants are fairly new to me , but I managed to get them through the winter and recently treated myself to another one . The varieties I have here are quite happy to be outside in the U.K. , where they catch flies , ants and other tiny insects . Fascinating plants !

The Blue Tits have finally discovered the coconut that I hung up for them a couple of weeks ago and they are loving it ! 
  I have bought another one , half to go into a lovely rice dish that I do and half for my cheeky little birdie friends .

Update on my Cordyline indivisa seeds  - Good news is they all germinated and I have now pricked them out and potted them up , each into their own little module .

 So all is well  !  Lovely blue sky this morning , it's going to be a scorcher again !


  1. I keep my carnivorous plants in my greenhouse, they keep the bugs at bay, I had them for years and they flower most springs.

  2. Well done with the cordylines. Lovely blue tit image.