Saturday, 13 February 2021

Torrential Rain and Gales


I had promised to take you with us on our walk  up the lane to see the Snowdrops again . They were only just beginning to push up on  our  last visit .

Well , It seems that the cruel and bitterly cold Easterly winds has held them back , they are still not fully out .

The weather has changed , it is slightly milder and the wind is now coming from the west . Over night and this morning we are having torrential rain . The tiles on the roof were clattering , no damage though .

So we'll have to come back another day to see the Snowdrops fully open .

Meanwhile up in the greenhouse , everything is under sheets of newspaper, fleece and blankets .The floor is very wet , since there are a few slightly slipped panes of glass . I think everything will be alright though. I had forgotten about the two most precious plants Veltheimia bracteata and the Marlothistella ,which I had meant to bring indoors last time I came up here to cover everything up and light the candles in the lantern .

I waited  for the wind to ease up , then quickly scooped them up and dashed back to the cottage .I have put them on the table in the porch .They can stay in there for a couple of days , to slowly acclimatise .

Then I will bring the Veltheimia in , so that I can enjoy watching her come into flower on my  kitchen windowsill . I grew this from seed . It gives me such a thrill to see it in flower !

I have some more seeds saved from last year's flower . I really must try and remember to sow them up soon .

Marlothistella uniondalensis , her flowers just beginning to go over , was not very happy under sheets of newspapers in the greenhouse . She will now will be much happier in the porch .

My lovely Cyclamen by the back doorstep , had been looking so gorgeous a few days ago , was now been completely flattened by the wind . I am so cross with myself for not moving it to a safer place .

I brought it into the porch . It is picking up already and I can see some more buds coming . 

So the Winter freeze appears to be over and we are back to normal ....rain , drifting sea mizzle and fog again ! 

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