Friday, 28 December 2018

The Day After The Day After Boxing Day Walk

                    Marazion Beach ....looking towards St Michael's Mount .
Yes , we needed to get a few bits in Morrisons ,The Range and the wonderful Trevena Cross Nursery we thought we'd take a walk along Marazion Beach .

Many moons ago one Christmas morning ,this little girl was thrilled to find a little booklet in her Christmas Stocking ..a book about finding pebbles and semi precious stones on the beach fact it even mentioned Marazion Beach as being a great place to find a wide variety of semi -precious stones !
 I wish I still had that book...I cant even remember the name of it .....sigh !
 So,  I cant tell you what a lovely .....actually... awesome surprise it was , when this Christmas , my darling brother gave me a Pebble Polishing Machine !
 Oh ! Wow ! Wow ! Wow !  So I have been itching to get down to this beach and do a bit of beach combing for gemstones .

The weather was perfect this morning for beach combing, a little bit more overcast today than yesterday , but actually a tad warmer  at 12 degrees centigrade didn't need gloves . The sea fairly calm and the waves gently lapping in on the beach and washing over the pebbles .

It is wonderful how the sea sorts out everything into lines along the beach of similar size things . As you walk down towards the water the pebbles become smaller .

                     What size pebbles do I need ? I,m not really sure yet .

 I scoop up a handful to put in my pocket and one or two specially chosen ones .          I want to spend  more time on the beach , but we have to get down to
Morrisons...we need to buy a box of matches and a bag of their good kindling and some other bits, then to the Range for some ribbon and finally Trevena Cross Nursery for an orchid pot to re- pot an Orchid that is trying to climb out of it's very tiny pot is even climbing up the bathroom wall !

                                             St Michael's  Mount

 On the way back I wanted to stop off at Breage and pop in to the beautiful Church of Saint Breaca to see the 15th century wall paintings .....I especially wanted to photograph St Christopher carrying infant Jesus over the river .....the one with the Mermaid !

 The Tower is under wraps at the moment while they are doing some restoration work .

                            There is an ancient stone Cross by the entrance .

 As I go into the porch , I am delighted to see this sweet little Nativity scene .

There was a much larger one around the other side of the Church  which we noticed as we drove round to park up , but I couldn't get to it very easily ..but someone has done a wonderful job of setting it up for everyone in the village to enjoy .

           The flowers were beautiful even in the dim light of the church  .

                                      I have a quiet moment with God .
                                             The Church feels loved .
                                                 ...and I feel loved .

 I walk around and admire the beautiful needlework on the kneelers and the other Nativity scene in the Children's Corner .
 Then I go to see those late medieval wall paintings ,15th century  .
 They are huge and in such good condition considering how old they are .
I believe there are eleven wall paintings here all together .
 This is the one that I wanted to take a really good look at today .

 It is Saint Christopher carrying the infant Jesus , on his shoulder , over the river .

                                   The face of little Lord Jesus is so sweet .

    Here is the Mermaid with her comb and mirror . I love that her reflection is in the mirror .

        I want to embroider some of the features in this wall painting . I love this medieval ship .

 It is hard to see but there is a Cornish fisherman wearing his medieval hood , holding a fish , sitting in his little boat , just above the Mermaid .

            I will be going back to take a closer look at the other paintings  .

As I leave the Church Yard I notice this lovely Camellia almost in full bloom !

 They flower in December here in the far South West of  Cornwall .
                       It always take my breath away ! So lovely !

 We then stopped off at Trevena Cross where I quickly ran in and bought the new slightly bigger Orchid pot and pot tray and ran out again quickly before I saw anything else I might be tempted to buy ......Oh my goodness !... Trevena Cross is a fabulous Nursery !

                                        Then we drive home .

 O.K.  So now I must start on tidying up our gravel bed ...over grown with brambles  for two years while I was too poorly to do it . I have no choice but to pull it all up and dig out the Bramble roots and replace all the weed membrane and gravel . Yep ! Big job ! Just got to get on with it a little bit at a time .
 So I have started by chopping the brambles down and little by little climbing in amongst the Pittasporum , Camellia and Azalea  bushes...pulling out yards and yards of evil Bramble branches along with clumps of my hair and face !

                                                 Made a good start .

       A sweet reward ...finding that my Camellia is also beginning to flower !
                       ( and noticed that I'd missed a bit of Bramble )

                                            The Holly is lovely too .

   As the light began to fade , I walked back down to the cottage and was delighted to see these Daffodils about to bloom....tomorrow I must pull them down beside the front door so we can all enjoy them .
  Tomorrow ..... where shall we go tomorrow ?   Yawn ..tired old me ..but happy .


  1. I had no idea that the church of Breage had such amazing wall paintings. One day I will get to see them, I hope.

  2. Your day was just the tour and the church paintings.

  3. Now I want to visit your home! Lovely story!