Thursday, 27 December 2018

Day After Boxing Day Walk

 What a beautiful morning !  Blue sky ! We set off for our walk along the cliffs up by the Marconi Monument . At this point we are looking back towards where we walked yesterday ..that's Gunwalloe over there .

 So we walked through the field towards the monument ....there is a blooming fiddly gate which I can never manage to open the latch , pull the gate open and get the dog and myself through before it closes on me .....It was so much easier to climb over the old Cornish Hedge  style  that used to be there  .

                      So good to see such a beautiful blue sea and sky today !

                                       So here is the Marconi Monument .

  I love all the beautiful Lichens ! A sign of how clean and pure the air is here on the Lizard .

    From here we look across to Mullion Harbour , Predannack and the large island you can see over there which is Enys Pryven .

                                Enys Pryven ..... Cornish for Worm Island .

                  We walk a little further..... breathe in the sweet fresh air......
                wonder at the magnificence of the Sea  .......

  ... stand and watch the waves and feel all our cares and worries melt away.

                              Little Stone Chat never letting me get closer !

                                  Sea and sky look so blue today.

 No flowers that I could see..just  the remains of last Summer ..soon there will be Violets and Bluebells once again .

Our little dog has been very poorly recently , emergency and our wonderful Vet at Rosemullion Veterinary Helston, who pulled her through , advised to rest her and only do short walks at the moment .
  So we turn back at this point and I am looking closer for wild flowers...none ....

                          ....but beautiful Lichens .. gold and green ....

Back through that blooming gate and across the field ( no cattle in there today ).
 If you are interested in the Marconi history , wirelesses and radios  then you might like to visit the Marconi Centre it is sometimes open for visitors . I,m not sure of the opening times ..I think they have a website online for you to check opening times .

                                        The Marconi Centre Mullion .

               The rugged coast looking magnificent in the Winter sun .

 There were big waves crashing over the rocks here and we noticed that someone appeared to be standing in the cave there ?   Oh ! No !  But on closer examination of my photos , we could see that it was just a large piece of bright orange plastic stuck on the rocks in there . 

  We relaxed and sat and watched some brave local lads on their surf boards .

           Then still with the sun shining in our eyes we drove home .
                Hope you are enjoying your Christmas break !
              I must go and hang out the washing now ...cheerio !
                             Where shall we go tomorrow  ?

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