Sunday, 4 June 2017

Sunday and I am not giving up ! Gete - Okosomin Squash update :(

Well I,ve  been very sad ever since last Friday ...and my husband  has gone very quiet too ..... I have lots of flower seedlings to plant out and at last we,ve had some torrential rain which the garden so badly needed .

 I watch the rain thundering down on the extension roof  and think about my poor little seedlings . Why cant it just rain gently  ? .... tomorrow the forecast is for even more destructive windy weather ... I staked my newly planted out , baby Giant Sunflowers  .
They were in 4" plastic pots and have grown to about 4 foot tall , too tall really and already have a flower bud at the top . I,m thinking maybe to cut the flower buds off and prune them down ....maybe they will bush out and  have more flowers ...can you do that  ?

The rain stops , the sun comes out and I dash out to the greenhouse to open the windows and check on the Gete-okosomin cutting .

                                                        Waiting for roots .
It did seriously droop that first evening after the accident ,then looked better again next morning, then seriously drooped in the hot sun yesterday .
 This morning it has perked up again I think it needs to be in a cooler place ...or cover with newspaper from the hot sun during the day . I might put it back into the Solar shed , it's a bit cooler in there .

                                                        Waiting for shoots .
Back outside in the new Gete - okosomin , Three Sisters , Keyhole  vegetable garden bed , I check to see how the bottom of the broken plant is doing . It had been in a big pot and had a massive root system was broken down to it's three cotyledon leaves and the one at the back is snapped too , but not completely and so I,m leaving it .
 The hot sun is shining down again and I gently mop up the rain drops on the surface of the leaves so prevent them from sun scorch .
 I,ve never done this before .
My recording of it here might help someone else too . So , I am not giving up !

Today I,m offering up prayers for all those caught up in last night's terrorist attack in London . My heart goes out to you . We are a beautiful happy and peace loving country and will continue to be .      Blessed are the peacemakers .

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  1. Even though I mopped up the rain water from the surface of the leaves , they still got scorched ....I should have rigged up shade or covered with sheets of newspaper . See next post where I cover with an old light shade .
    This might all seem a bit geeky , but I,m recording this ,that it might help someone else out there .