Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Gete okosomin - Rainbow days

 We're having severe gales , torrential rain showers and in between the showers  scorching sunshine . Oh my poor little veggie seedlings ! Will they all survive ? Will the beanpole frames tumble in the wind ?

 The remaining cotyledon leaves on the Gete okosomin Squash plant still got slightly scorched in the strong sun , even though I had gently mopped up the rain drops .
 I found this old lampshade to cover it over with just temporarily .

                   I will have to keep a close eye on it over the next few days .

 I had been worried about the snapped stem . It needs to heal and callous over .

 I moved the broken stem into the cooler Solar shed , it is now potted up and being treated as a cutting .Last night those big leaves drooped alarmingly ..I was too upset to take a photo of it !
      I am happy to report that it is looking good this morning , after a cooler night .

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