Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Days of Roses

 Aah ....I wish I could share with  you the perfume of this gorgeous rose growing in my hedgerow !
        It was already here when we moved house .
  Can anyone identify the name of this rose for me please ?

 It rambles through the ferns , primroses, foxgloves, clematis and lovely Johnson's Blue  Geraniums .

                                                   Geranium  Johnson's Blue .

 I also have Rosa " American Pillar " which I brought with me from An Grouse Cottage , when we moved from there . A rambling Wichurana rose bred by Dr Walter Van Fleet in 1862 . It is a very popular rose and can be seen in many of our prettiest gardens in and around Mullion village  .
 I never move house without taking cuttings and when they bloom , their flowers and scent bring back such happy memories .



  1. Wow!!Your garden is a dream..We too have a little garden in our apartment and some really dedicated gardeners.We have roses named Shakespeare and Johann wolfgang too :)

    1. Hi Deepa , nice to hear from you again , hope you are keeping well .
      I looked up your Shakespeare and Johann Wolfgang roses...they are beautiful and said to have really good fragrance too :) x