Saturday, 13 May 2017

Busy Busy Busy Bee me !

                                         Veg seedlings ready to plant out !
 So much has been happening this last week or two ... the good news from my hero surgeon at the hospital ....kidney cancer scan looked good and my next scan will be in a years time ... made for a  wonderful Birthday present and I had a lovely birthday and some lovely birthday pressies too . I will show you what I got next time ! :)
 It was Flora Day in Helston on Saturday and also  World Labyrinth Day ...but I didn't do either of these because I was having a wonderful time dancing at Nawarra's Workshop weekend . ...learning lots of different styles of Moroccan dance .
 Somehow my Achilles tendon has been swollen and I,ve had ultra sound on it and Physio on the following Monday ..I have exercises to do which are to make the tendon get stronger ....seem to be working , although Mike (my physiotherapist ) says the lump might not ever completely go down .
 We,ve had quite a drought this last month , and with rain on the forecast , I really wanted to get out some of my veg seedlings .

I,ve grown a selection of Purple Sprouting  Broccoli , a few varieties of both Cabbages and Kale .

 French Beans  completely failed last year ,never let me down before this year I have started them off in the greenhouse (unheated) I will wait a little bit longer before planting them out though . Also started off Peas and Mangetouts inside this year .

                                              Here are the Runner Beans !

  They really were desperately trying to escape ! So I thought with some beautiful rain on the way, now would be a good time to get them out . Oh ! The Moon phase was right too apparently .

 I decided to grow my Runners in the same place on last years frame..I know it's breaking the rules ! I just didn't think I would have the energy to put up another one after all the dancing , before the rain that evening .
       Goodness me ..I have been praying for rain !
 Sorry everyone ..I thought that Flora Day was going to be on the Monday 8th May tradition it usually is , unless the 8th of May falls on a Sunday and then it takes place on the Saturday ....... so my prayer was answered and it rained ...... not my fault o.k ?

                 Lovely Mangetout peas easy to grow these are a variety called  Norli .

                        Hurst Greenshaft Peas ...and I will get these in and sow more .

     Get them all in before the rain...( my back is aching )....go cut some more pea sticks  ...

These are a couple of last year'sFrench breakfast Radish plants that I left to flower for the bees .
  I must sow some more ..these French Breakfast radishes are really yummy and not too hot on the tongue either !

Happy bees with their legs heavy with pollen . One day I would so like to have a couple of Bee hives and have my own honey . It is all so expensive though ...but I do love to watch the bees . Maybe I'll sow the seeds from these flowers..thankyou bees !

                  Pea sticks pushed in and windmill whirling around to keep the birds off .

I did make a start digging the holes for the French Bean frame though .

 I also planted the PSB (Purple Sprouting Broccoli ) Cabbages and Kale and found the environmesh cloche to put over them all keep the pigeons off . That just leaves the snails and slugs...some sharp grit /sand around them . Start saving crushed eggshells     ..they dont like to creep over that .
 Can anyone tell me of an easy way to clean environmesh ?

 Then water in ..using the very last rain water in the water butt . Actually we have four water butts and should probably fix up a couple more . Fresh energised rain water so much better for my plants than tap water .

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