Sunday, 19 April 2020

The Cuckoo has arrived ! Mullion Cornwall 19th April 2020

   The dawn chorus was loud this morning as I opened my bedroom window at 6am . What a joyful sound ! 
    I pulled on my boots and went for a walk up into the vegetable garden  ... and there from somewhere across the misty meadow , I could hear the distinctive sound of the Cuckoo . 

I have only managed to take one photo of a Cuckoo and I,m afraid it really wasn't very good .
 So I have  pulled down from my bookshelf a couple of my favourite old books dated 1896 .
                                Allen's Naturalist's Library
 A  Hand-Book to the Birds of Great Britain by R.Bowdler Sharpe,LLD.,
             Zoological Department , British Museum vol.1 and vol.11 .

  I love the illustrations , of which it says " plates which have been coloured from specimens in the British  Museum and several pictures by Mr Keulemans have been added to illustrate certain representative species of  British  Birds"  .
 Each coloured plate has a sheet of tissue to protect it .

This coloured plate has fallen out . A cuckoo's egg is included in this picture .

The author goes into great detail about the Cuckoo , but for me these two snippets are all I need .

   He actually says that , " a whole volume could be written on the life history of this curious  and interesting bird ! "

One plate  has fallen out and one of the covers is a little torn on the spine, but apart from that, the books are in quite good condition . No , they are not for sale , these two books are keepers for sure !

They have been well loved and I am not afraid to turn the pages and enjoy the contents .
                                    Have you heard the Cuckoo yet ?

                                     " a curious and interesting bird "

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  1. Interesting post. It's a bird I've only ever heard a couple of times, and never seen. xx