Wednesday 1 April 2020


I think I already introduced you to Nettlenog  .
  Ancient , wise , kind old Gnome......once a travelling Gnome , but now retired and enjoys to sit on my windowsill watching the world go by  .

Well , there has been an addition to the family . This is Benny  ....and I,m afraid Nettlenog does NOT like him !

           I found him in a charity shop in Helston and felt so sorry for him .
Before I knew it he was in my shopping basket and coming home with me !

                                      He looked so sweet and jolly !

 I only realised when I got home and as I took him out of my basket , that he was a very naughty Gnome !

       Worse still ! Last night I dreamt that I had opened a Gnome sanctuary !
                                               Imagine it !
                               Mullion Gnome Sanctuary !

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