Thursday, 16 April 2020

Peas, Salad leaves and Tomato Plants

           What a beautiful day and that cold East wind has eased off at last .
It was nice  to have a wander around the garden and feel the warmth of the Sun again .

After breakfast we each took a pair of loppers on our exercise walk around the meadow .

We are doing this three times a day now for our permitted exercise during this very worrying  time .
   We took this opportunity to cut the Willow hard back down to the base .
I,m going to weave wreaths and plant cloches with it while it is nice and supple. Any left over , will be tied into faggots for kindling , once it has dried out .
I also took the tops off the two year old Copper Beech saplings , to encourage them to branch out lower down to make a good native species hedge .

Butternut babies on my bedroom windowsill . I took them up to the potting shed , pricked them out and potted them on and immediately refilled the trays with fresh compost and made a second sowing of Courgette seeds .  The first lot haven't come up yet and I,m not taking any chances . We love our Courgettes !

                                       Here they are all potted on .
They can now stay in the potting shed for a while to get more established .

I have sown several trays of mixed leaves for delicious salads . I took one of these trays and planted them all out in the Veg Trug .
So delicate at this stage and fiddly to handle , but once watered in they look so much happier !

          Covered with mesh to give them some protection from the wind .

                                               Gardener's Delight

The Tomatoes are all germinating at last and I have sorted out some Gardener's Delight Tomatoes for my neighbours if they would like them . I just need them to get a little bit bigger , maybe ready in a week or two .

    All is well in the greenhouse . I am trying to make space for Tomatoes .
Very difficult as I have so many Cacti and succulents in there !
 I took out all the Pelargoniums and put them into the cold frame . A huge Yucca elephantipes , almost too big to lift and the damned spiky , but beautiful Aloe ferox , now in a sheltered spot outside .
 It has been getting quite  hot in there , so now those big plants are gone there is space for me to get in and open the windows for the first time this year .

     Some of the cacti have buds on them , but I will show you another day .

As the Sun began to set I quickly made a shallow trench and sowed a couple of rows of Kelvedon Wonder Peas and pushed in pea-sticks . We are expecting rain tomorrow morning to water them in .
 Hopefully the ground will be soft after the rain , so I can push in the Runner-bean poles easily and get the frame ready .

Finished doing this just in time for the Mullion Village Clap to thank the NHS Heroes and all our wonderful Key-workers at eight o'clock .

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