Saturday, 18 April 2020

Putting up the Runner-bean Frame

     I was hoping that after the rain , the earth would be nice and soft to push in the Hazel poles for our Runner-bean frame , but in the end it didn't rain all that much . So I had no choice but to dig the holes in which to put up the six main poles .
 It was quite hard work and now I have a headache .

I temporarily tied the poles together with some tarred string . I need to find the wire that I re-use every year's somewhere in the shed .
    Shed needs re-organising . Headache . Elbow hurts . Had enough for today .

                So there we are , not quite finished , but the worst of it done .

I,ve sown a first wave of Runner-bean seeds up in the potting shed and a few of them are beginning to break the surface in their pots .
 It is still too early to sow or plant them outside just yet .
It always makes me happy to see the Runner-bean frame put up !

                 Time to go put my feet up and have a nice cup of tea !

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