Monday, 28 October 2019

Greenhouse Winter Protection

 I am hearing people saying that it is going to turn very cold during next week . So I pulled down the shade netting running the length of my little 10ft x8ft greenhouse under the rafters so that it will now become windbreak net and give all my plants some protection from the wind as I enter through the door .
  I have hooks around the door to fasten it to and it is easy to step in and refasten the windbreak net quickly as I go in , behind me .

    Here it is pulled into place around the door and if the wind is really wild I can weight the bottom of the netting down with a couple of pots . After locking up , I also plug the keyhole with a piece of polystyrene or cloth to stop the draught and also prevent the lock from freezing up .

        I then use a roll of bubble/foil insulation to roll out over the rafters  .

I just need to fix up the other end of the roll somehow and right now , I cant remember for the life of me , just how I did this last year !  So I need to go and work it out again and I,ll update you on that later on .

       I have put polystyrene sheets under the most tender plants and have newspapers at the ready to throw over the plants , which are mostly Cacti , Succulents and Epiphyllums .  Oh ! and a few Pelargoniums .

I have candles for when we get freezing and frost warnings....which is rare here , but wise to be prepared !
 Winter preparation list - lots of little ,but important , jobs to be done .
 I must find (somewhere in the shed ) and have ready the bubblewrap cover to slip over the water tap .
Bringing in logs for the fire .
New hot water bottles ....and I have already begun using my old stone hot water bottle !
New duvets and blankets for beds and cosy throws to snuggle into on our sofa and chairs .
Cleaning the pathways around the cottage so nobody slips and falls -  we had someone come and do this for us .
Gathering in my beautiful apples and freezing away for pies , crumbles and apple sauce  -  sad as someone came and stole my best apples .
 I planted my trees , watched the bees enjoying the blossom , waited patiently as the apples began to ripen and then just the week before I was going to harvest the best ones . Some very dishonest person stole them right from my back door !
  Little by little the jobs are done .
The rain is lashing down ....
 Are you ready for Winter ?

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  1. Disgusting about the apples. The mention os stone water bottles reminds me of a metal one my grandma us4f. She filled it with hot coals. You need to take a photo when you remember how to fix the bubblewrap.