Saturday 5 October 2019

Blackbirds Robins Choughs

 Birdie Girl little fact she's one of the family ....September 9th she came to show me why she wouldn't  be coming around  for a while . Feathers you see?  Fallen out ! A couple of years ago she lost all her feathers from just the crown of her head at about this same time of the year . How she survived the cold Winter I just don't know ..but she survived !
 However ,this time I could see that she had  lost all of the feathers from her head and neck poor thing....she took her grape and flew away into the Blackberry bushes behind the shed .

So today is the 5th October and I haven't  seen her all this time  and she is quite old now and that Sparrowhawk has been around .
  I was sorting out tubs and pots that had been neglected round the side of the shed .
   Making cuttings out of some sad looking succulents and a large vicious Aloe ferox , when I heard a familiar peeping sound .

   There she was ..up in the tree ! ..... the sweetest Blackbirdie Girl  in Cornwall !

   I moved one of the tubs over to reveal some nice juicy fat worms for her ....

 .....and she immediately flew down . People ask me "How do you know it's her and not another Blackbird ? "  Well she has a couple of twisted claws on  one foot ...but even before she had that injury , I could recognise her ....she knows me , she comes when I call her , she sometimes will come to my hand  for grapes and  she talks to me !  :)

 While she was on the ground , I was able to see and check on her head feathers .

 I took lots of pictures so that I could have a good look close up later on .

 Very relieved to see that her feathers have almost come back , pretty much over all of her head again she's going to be alright  ! 

 Next job was to smarten up this Trachycarpus fortunii  .
      Tidiness and orderliness is the way to go now as we head into Winter .

                                      That's better..what do you think ?

                ....and my other little friend flew down as soon as I stood back !

 Next job give the Epies in the greenhouse a watering . Lovely and warm in the greenhouse . I noticed my Lophophor williamsii in bloom again , it is always blooming ....but I am really excited to see this other cactus with two buds fast swelling ......not so excited to see  mealie bugs on it , but no worries , I will deal with them .

Came in for for lunch and then off for a walk at the Lizard Point again ......this photo is one I took the other day ...I forgot my camera this time and guess what ?
  Yep , we saw four Choughs just a few feet away from us on the cliffs and a sweet baby seal on the rocks  !
  Anyway , it made our day !   
As we walked back to the car park it began to rain , we got back to the car just in time .
 I think there will be more rain tonight , before another lovely sunny day tomorrow .....which is how we like it !


  1. What a lovely relationship. Blackbirds can become really tame can’t they?

    1. Hi Sue , Yes....and I have become rather fond of her too :) x

  2. Lovely post and pictures. Lucky you to have such a friendly blackbird. xx

  3. Thankyou Flighty , Yes she's a beauty ! :) x