Tuesday, 24 September 2019

On the way home - Trerice

 So here we are driving back from Dorset and now through beautiful Cornish countryside .

               There was one place we wanted to visit on the way back ....

                    .........it was quite a bit further than we remembered ....

 ......down narrow , winding country lanes ....feeling queezy at this point ...deary me......lol !... I don't travel too well in cars ...but I knew that it was just about at my limit and that I could rest and recover with a nice cup of tea in the cafe on arrival .

 So this is the beautiful Trerice Manor at Kestle Mill near Newquay Cornwall .

  Trerice is a beautiful Elizabethan Manor House surrounded by stunningly beautiful gardens and now owned by the National Trust .
 Today we are just coming to see the Trerice Potager and Labyrinth in the Mowhay .

Very excited to see the Elizabethan Labyrinth ! As you know I have a labyrinth , back home , in my garden and I appreciate the work it takes to keep it looking good !
  This labyrinth is actually not strictly a labyrinth at all , but a maze .
 It was made according to directions in a very old book "The Gardener's Labyrinth " by Thomas Hill about 1570  . It was very fashionable to have a maze/labyrinth in your grounds back in these times .
                                             It is a beauty ! Love it !

                                 Then near by is the Trerice Potager .

       You really have to come and see this lovely little vegetable garden !

 I love the trellis fencing around the boundary , I suspect there may be lots of little bunnykins here !

 Surrounded by lawn and a neatly clipped box hedge ...and a greenhouse that I was not sure if we might be allowed inside ....so no pics of the inside ...maybe next time !

         Lots of different varieties of Apple trees , beautifully tended to .

                       The gardening team were doing a wonderful job !

                                 They have so much to attend to here !

 This is such a good time to visit...amid flowering herbs such as Lavender, Rosemary , Borage and Spearmint Peppermint and Thyme , beans and vegetables ready to harvest .

                    I felt so happy wandering around the lovely gardens .

                         We found a pretty place to sit and look over it all .

                      The ornamental gardens to the front of the house .

My lasting memory of the gardens are of the pure white Japanese Anemones ....

                                        .......with just a touch of blue .
       We decided to come again another day to go into the house ....we,ve been before and really did not have time to do it today . ( Thinking about home now )
         Just visiting the gardens was a joy enough for me anyway !

 I enjoyed my cup of tea and bought a Chocolate Peppermint plant from the Herb Plant stall .

                     New babies , all safe and ready to head home again !

                                 Along those winding Cornish lanes .

 We saw this beautiful cottage garden ! Look at it ! Isn't it wonderful ! Giving everybody joy as they drive past ! ( and hopefully make them slow down....I know ...I live down a country lane like this too ..people drive too fast ! )
 We saw the lady tending to it ...lovely Begonias and Cannas and gorgeous hanging baskets . It takes a lot of work to put on a display like this ! Maybe I,ll give this a go next year  !  :)

               You have to drive slower along our Cornish roads and lanes .

  The Cornish hedges look might soft but are built of rock ...so keep over !!

                         Through our beautiful Cornish countryside .

                    Old Cornish tin mines and engine houses along the way .

          Have a snooze ......

                     ............but it is so beautiful , all along the way !

 Farmers are cutting the meadows and fields and preparing for Winter  .

                           Can we see the sea yet ? Are we nearly there ?   :)

                                              Poldhu Cove Mullion

                                                       Home !

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  1. Trerice is one of my favourite places. I've always thought I'd like to live there!