Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Bowiea volubilis exciting news !

 Oh ! It's good to be home again ! Any longer and I start to worry about my plants . Only been away two days ! Lol !
  The first thing I noticed yesterday , right on time with the Autumn equinox , is my Bowiea volubilis beginning to wither away for it's winter dormancy .

 At around this time of the year , I am beginning to get fed up with its rampant growth all over and around the windowsill and look forward to cutting it back ....

  ...... but I noticed something different in amongst those squiggly stems ...

                             .......is that a seed pod I can see in there  ?
                                           Does anybody know ?
It always has lots of flowers , but they usually wither away , you can see them all around this thing !  I would like to save and grow the seeds if it is ..in the past I have tried sowing what's left of those withered flowers but nothing came of them ...so ..is this a proper seed pod ?
                                                   I am so excited !


  1. Hi there, I googled (is it a verb) it and what you have got looks very much like what it came up with.