Thursday, 21 March 2019

All Systems Go !

After all the wild and windy weather I needed to repair the watering hole basket in the middle of the African Keyhole Bed .
 I used the lovely red stems of the Cornus alba sibirica which I cut down almost to the ground at this time of the year .

No expert in weaving I can tell you ! I had a go at weaving a basket hood to shade the watering hole from the hot Summer sun to help prevent the moisture from evaporation .

I will add more into this as and when I prune out the other bushes .

Next we took up all of the rusting and torn chicken wire which I had fixed up around each of the four vegetable beds and replaced with new chicken wire....but this time encircling the whole vegetable garden .
 Chicken wire is wonderful for living in harmony with the wild bunnies , but so expensive now ! Doing it this way , we used a whole lot less of it !
 We also lopped down a few of the Pheonix canariensis lower leaves ....oh my goodness it has grown so big ! Need to buy a little Hack Saw to tidy up the leaf bases nicely . Sharp spines at the leaf base ...beware !

 Planted out a row of Brussels Sprouts and a few Cauliflower babies ....

                                  .........and quickly got them covered over .

 The Daubentons Kale which I planted out last  year is getting quite big now under the cover ...I need to set out slugpubs though !

The Purple Tree Collard is safe from pigeons , rabbits and snails in its hanging basket ! I,m going to take a couple of cuttings from it before I plant it out...just in case !

Lots more pricking out and potting on to be done in the shed . I set up some aluminium reflectors to help with the light in there . It makes such a big difference too ! The tiny seedlings standing up nice and straight .
 I must plant out all of the onions as soon as I can now to make space for the Tomatoes .

 Gardeners Delight Tomatoes I,ve grown so easily from seed ...however I might buy in a couple of Cherry Tomato plants if I see them at a reasonable price .

 Husband got out the loppers and cleared all of the Ivy that had gone crazy up and over the bird house ...he did such a good job !

 SAD to find this little bird nest blown down from a tree during  the last storm ....not that it was being is an old nest ..but because of the plastic string and weed membrane that had been so beautifully woven into it !
    I brought it in to show my Grandchildren and talk to them about Dinosaurs ....did Dinosaurs make beautiful nests with sticks and feathers and moss ?
  They must have been enormous !

HAPPY to find this bucket full of Tulips that had been dug up and hidden away over the Summer as they tell you to do on the gardening programmes ,but never remind you to get out and replant them again in the Autumn !
     Aching back...groan.....but happy !
                         Happy Spring Equinox to you all !


  1. Well it looks like you have had a great start to the season...your seedlings are far bigger than me...but I'm not worried...everything catches up...I have been getting on really well lately's hoping to a great gardening year for us all.xx

  2. Hello Tanya , thankyou for popping in ! We are down in the far South West of Cornwall so it is a little bit milder here . I,m only trying to grow normal size vegetables for my own family to eat really .Last year that heatwave struck before I had planted many of my seedlings out and I gave up with the unbearable heat too much for me I am making a big effort to get things planted in case it should happen again . Yes check your sowing /planting dates for your area . Yes later sown things definitely catch up . It is wonderful fun to get your hands into the good earth isn't it and just so exciting and plants so fascinating. You are so lucky to have bees ! :)I would love to have bees too but just cant afford all the kit ! Yes Good luck with your garden this season too . hugs Debbie :) x