Sunday, 24 March 2019

Scorchio Sunday in Mullion today ! Hot ! Hot ! Hot !

Well , we have a beautiful blue sky here in Mullion today ! After church I had to rush back home and get  up to the greenhouse to open the windows ,  the temperature  is soaring in there !
 Fixed up more shade net too , to protect all my only just germinating seeds in there . More Tomatoes and Yellow Tree  Lupins and Physalis .
 I,m growing Physalis for a friend ..whose little boy said that his friend had taken some of this lovely fruit to school in his lunch box....his friend told him it was called Thistleflowers an orange cherry Tomato..when his Mum told me this , I knew what it was straightaway and decided to grow some for her as a nice surprise  .
  Too hot to do any work in the garden today , for me anyway . I,ve gathered together a pile of my old favourite gardening books and my basket of embroidery and I,m going to go and put my feet up in a comfy chair in the Summer house and enjoy a day of total rest .
 The only book that is missing is my Charles Dowding No Dig book ....but that is because it actually isn't my book ( oh yes it is ! ), but a library book ( no ! ) and someone requested it ( I hate that person ! ) with heavy heart..I had to return it ....
  Oh ! I don't really care ...I have his 2019 Calendar ...signed by him too !
  I really need to buy his latest book ...he is SO much more than just "No Dig ".

     Here are a few of my favourite books . Joy Larkcom because growing vegetables should be fun and beautiful !

Dirty Nails because he respects and includes his love of wildlife and doesn't talk about laying traps or killing anything .
 Bob Flowerdew .....because he is our supreme Master and greatest teacher of all about Organic Gardening . All his books are written with such infectious enthusiasm and so full of precious Earth wisdom .
 I'd like to see more of him on the television again .

                     I,ve collected a few antique books too over the years .

There are obviously some things which we don't do anymore , like some of the chemicals they used to use and quite a lot of the hard work methods which are not really necessary . However there is still much to be gleaned from these old  books . I love the cartoons of Adam the Gardener .Week by Week gardening in Pictures .

My most precious book is this Beeton's Shilling Gardening  Book . It has month by month chapters and I find it very useful for knowing when to prune my grapevine .

 I read and absorb like a sponge all this wonderful knowledge and adapt it for use in my garden .

                                     Books for another day's reading .

Before I go and put my feet up I must sow these gorgeous golden tomato seeds which they were giving away with every packet of seeds bought in Bowden's Hardware shop in Helston !
              Very happy me ! I love these tasty golden yellow tomatoes !

This is the book that I,m really studying at the moment with my aching back !
 Happy Sunday in the garden to you all ! 


  1. Loved seeing all of your books...I am a very books person so to see someone with such a clue tin really made me smile. I have never tried the no dig method though after a weekend of hard work and sitting here now with aching tired muscle I wonder if it would be a good thing to research....but then I wonder where would I get all my exercise....hmmmm....there's a lot to consider!
    My favourite gardening book is the first one that was bought for me when I got an allotment...Readers Digest, Food from your garden and allotment...I have got others since....and many just as good...I think it is as much the sentimentality as the content.🤔😊

    1. Hi Tanya , Charles Dowding is the one for you ! He has some great youtube videos on the No Dig method . Yes to the sentimentality ... I have an old ..oh...may be not so old ...I suppose 70's book by Peter Seabrook...who used to be on a programme called Pebble Mill. He was the King of vegetable growing back then ...he used to tell people off for calling the good earth "dirt" which used to make me laugh and " What should I do with my precious but ailing plant ? " someone in the audience would ask ...and at this he would prune it almost down to the bottom ! :) .... but he really was a very lovable and knowledgeable gentleman . I hope he is still enjoying his gardening .
      As for exercise ...I recommend Belly Dance Classes :) Debbie :)

  2. A most enjoyable post. I must sort out my gardening books, I don't have that many and some are quite old.
    Happy reading, and have a good week. xx

    1. Thanks Flighty . Yes , the old ones are fascinating . Geoff Hamilton just came into my mind too...not so long ago really , another gardening hero of mine ! Debbie :)

  3. You have quite a collection os books there. I haven’t bought any gardening books for quite some time as I’ve no bookcase space left.

    1. Hello Sue , It's getting a bit of a squeeze on my bookshelves too ! :) Thanks for popping in . love Debbie :) x

  4. PS - love the term thistleflowers

    1. Yes , I just love the things that children say ! :)

  5. I love old books and gardening so these books you have are a real treausre! Cookery books can go out of fashion but the old garden hints still stand the test of time! Sarah x