Friday 29 December 2017

Gloomy Day

               A very gloomy  day here in Mullion..and the gales still blowing  .
 The sun has tried to come out between the showers of rain ...but not enough  to open the Marlothistella uniondalensis daisies ... sigh ...maybe tomorrow .

              My broomstick ! Look what's happened to my broomstick  !
                   Broken clean in two ! Going to fail it's MOT for sure !

 Only the wild birds  have brought me any joy today .... I topped up the feeding station and I did get some peanuts , but I,m only putting in a few at a time  ...try and make them last..they are SO expensive to buy .

          The Long Tailed Tits have come in today to feast on the fat-balls  .

 A Goldcrest flew in today to delight me , hopping about on the lawn , not bothered that I was standing there with my camera clicking away . I couldn't get any closer though sadly ...such a sweetie ! I,m not sure what they like to eat . it hasn't ever come to my bird feeding station .

                              Looks like it is foraging for small insects .

 Oh ..and here's my little friend , Birdie girl , the female Blackbird , whose feathers have grown back again on her head and she's looking gorgeous again !


  1. Love the bird photos. We have a bunch of little finches this time of year, they eat the seeds that are left from our summer of flowers. That's why hubby doesn't cut down the dead stuff until spring.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

    I looked at your needlework blog, too. I love all the beautiful stuff you've created. I don't have the patience for projects that take more than an hour or so to complete, I'm afraid. One of the hazards of working with kids, I guess.

  2. Thanks Ami , Yes , the wild birds give me a lot of pleasure too . I like to share my needlework so it might inspire someone else to have a go :) I wish you and your hubby,a very happy New Year 2018 ! :) x

  3. Such lovely little birds...they are really charming. I particularly like your shot of the Long tailed tits. Haven't we had a lot of rain this year?