Wednesday 30 September 2015

Growing Gunnera manicata from fresh seed off the plant.

 Gunnera manicata , one of the most magnificent plants that we can easily grow here in Cornwall . Look at those spiky stems and it's gorgeous flower spire , or inflorescence .
 I ,ve just got to have a go at growing this from seed , just out of sheer curiosity .

            I guess those tiny orange berries contain the seeds I,ve pulled one off  .
I have no idea wether this is the right time or not  , but there are plenty more to experiment with if this doesn,t work .

I,m only guessing but this should be the way that nature intended it to happen .
 The berries drop off onto the surrounding very damp soil , surrounding the mother plant.
....where they then lie and the juicy surrounding part of the berry decomposes away .
Stratification .

                                                   So I,ve scraped a few off .

         Sprinkled them on to some compost in a little tray , which is very rain soaked .

                                       Leave outside and wait ......and watch  .
                                            Maybe put into cold frame if it turns really cold .
                                  Label    " Gunnera berries to stratify  "
                   I will do another tray of seeds which I have squished out of the berries .
Had a wonderful evening in Truro to see the Ukrainian Boyan Ensemble of Kiev Choir ...singing both Sacred songs and folk songs , with drum , chimes , zither and hurdy-gurdy .
 Go and see them if they come your way ....worth every penny !
 We prayed for peace for them and around the world , before they walked in through the dimmed lights, each holding a candle . A wonderful performance ! Their families must be so proud of each and every one of them !

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