Sunday 4 October 2015

Sweet Peas ,Sparrow Hawks and Shopping Bags .

The weather is changing , so today I am rushing to weed out this bed and finish planting up the remaining onion sets . My friends Derek and Moira gave me a huge envelope full of Poppy seeds at church this morning... well , after filling that wheelbarrow full of weeds..I raked the whole lot in last year , I created the White Foxglove year , this will be The Poppy Parade ! There will also be a few white foxgloves and that wigwam should hopefully be a delightful display of fragrant  sweet peas .
The green grids that you can see, are what I use to cover the onion sets , just till they get their roots down. The little shoots look like worms to the birds , who pull them up and toss them away in disgust ! lol !
I will also be planting some Primroses along the front of this bed  , including some delightful  pink  primulas  that my good blogging friend  Stasher ,  kindly sent to me last year : )
I still have some white foxglove seeds left over if anyone would like some ?
 We can all have everything we want in our gardens , if we all ......share  .

I have been thrilled to see this handsome bird . He is quite bold and visiting even when I am working out in the garden . I think he might be a Sparrow Hawk ..maybe someone can tell me for sure . It is much bigger than our usual Kestrel .
  The fields around us have just recently been cut , I think this is why he has been attracted here .The Buzzards and my Ravens have been chasing him away . This is their  territory ! I also hope that my regular Blackbirds will be keeping out of sight of him !
  The Swallows ...well I have been watching them over the last few days ....I didn,t see any today .. so maybe they have gone .
The weather is changing and the wind is really picking up as I write this .
 Rain is forecast for the whole week ahead ....which is good for my onion sets and sweetpea seeds .
Goodbye to plastic bags ! Now we must all make an effort to remember to take our own bags with us when shopping .  I wish that shops would give their customers brown paper carrier bags like they do in America .

                            Tired old aching bones to put my feet up .....


  1. I so agree about the paper bags. We need to stop plastic altogether, give no choice, but paper as in Canada.
    I would love a couple of white foxglove seeds if possible.

  2. Great to see your preparations for your bed...and your bird. Yesterday I spied a goldcrest in the garden, I got out the binoculars for that special little one. Your bird of prey is magnificent and well done you for getting a picture of it. I'll look out for the little envelope with white foxglove seeds arriving.

    1. Oh ! The Goldcrest is a really special little bird ! Seeds will be a coming your way ! : )