Sunday 10 December 2017

My Hyacinth bulbs are Flowering !

 Look ! Look ! My  "Delft Blue " Hyacinth bulbs are beginning to push up their flower buds !

 A lovely surprise for the second Sunday in Advent . Especially as I,m feeling a bit poorly this morning and couldn't get to church ....which I,m sad about we are putting out the lovely Nativity set , Christmas tree and all the decorations in the church today . 
  Anyway , I know that the Advent Candle Wreath is o.k as I popped in the other day to refresh it...goodness it's such a worry keeping it alive and looking nice through the weeks of Advent ! 
     I,m collecting the special white flowers for the Christmas Day service , from the florist in Helston , the day before Christmas Eve .
     Next Sunday is Gaudete Sunday  - Gaudete - latin for rejoice or joy .
 .....and I think that , by tradition , we are supposed to put some pink flowers into the arrangement , which will be nice ..I have some small roses still flowering out in my garden that if the weather is kind enough , that I would like to use  .
 We haven't had snow here , but it has been very windy .
    I,m thinking of you all out there in the Wintery weather ..take care and keep warm .

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