Wednesday 27 December 2017

The Cactus House Lantern

 So here's one of two Lanterns that I use up in the Cactus greenhouse . Tonight I,ve lit two 8 hour should take the edge off the cold .
 I have a pile of newspapers that I throw over everything over night and insulation foil stuff that is unrolled over the rafters to trap in the warmth that has built up during the day .
 I also have a couple of those car sun screens along the North side of the greenhouse . I use polystyrene sheets or blocks that I have saved from packaging to stand the most tender plants on .... I need more !  Send them round to me if you have any to spare..don't throw them away !
  There is a bucket of water that has also heated up during the day giving out heat at night . Last year I had a bucket of  sheep droppings which also gave off some heat..and didn't smell as bad as you'd think !
 I,m more worried about the water coming in from somewhere on the roof..cant figure out where its coming in ...I think maybe the wind was blowing it through  the window hinges on one roof window . Anyway there's nothing underneath it now .

 The weather report say it will be a clear sky the temperature is going to drop during the night .
 Brrrr it's cosy warm pyjamas and an old hot water bottle for me !

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