Thursday, 1 December 2016

Chilling in Charmouth

I have badly hurt my back after a dance workshop , so we decided a little break away , just a few days in Charmouth would be the thing to cheer me up .
  Not allowed to go picking up any big rocks /fossils /dinosaur bones this time . Although I did find some beautiful driftwood to bring home . We visited Groves Nursery as usual ,where I found a  fantastic selection of Air Plants , perfect for attaching to my driftwood ,when I return home ..never grown these before ...they have no roots ..very odd ..I hope I can keep them alive .
 Anyway the weather was fine once we'd got onto the beach and we were sheltered from the bitterly cold North Easterly wind ..the sun shone and we felt quite warm .
 When we get home we will put up our Christmas decorations , gosh !  It's the first week in Advent already ! Trying to stay focused on what it is all about  . We'll also be decorating our little church here in Mullion .
  I have to dash now ..will post some more tomorrow ! :)

                                                Ooh ! A parcel has come !

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