Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Third Sunday of Advent

And so another busy week of writing lists and cards , sticking on of stamps , checking addresses , trips to the post office . Shopping and stocking up on festive food and drink . Already giving in to the occasional mince pie . Remembering to buy Oasis flower arranging foam bricks , white Madonna Lilies and some pink Carnations for Rita , who did a beautiful Christmas arrangement in the Lady Chapel . Will buy some more  next week to refresh this and also for Mary to finish her lovely Advent wreath around the Pascal Candle .
 Gaudete Sunday - Rejoice  or  Joy Sunday and the pink candle is lit ..and I cant believe how close we are now to Christmas Day . Kind people came and we all helped decorate the church . The Nativity set put out and the Christmas Tree with pretty sparkling fairy lights .
  At home our table is a cluttered chaos , with cards and Christmas wrapping paper , brown paper , sellotape , scissors , labels , sticky bows and tinsel , address book and stamps..never enough stamps .
 Escape to the veg garden with mug of coffee ...check how the new Pumpkin patch is coming along . We,ve had some rain and the cardboard and newspaper , seaweed, spend compost , horse manure, grass clippings , leaves are beginning to break down nicely and on further investigation with my garden fork , I can see the earth worms are now moving and munching their way through it all  . I sharpen up the edges of the bed and pull out the odd dandelion root .
  The weather is mild ... warm even  , misty, occasional drizzle . Full moon shining down silvery on my labyrinth . Owl up in the old pine tree .
 Last dance class before Christmas , tomorrow evening ...feeling tired but happy . Always the energy returns when the music is played .

                                                     What is in the parcel ?

                                     I might show show you in my next post !


  1. It's getting very close now, somehow the days have telescoped. Open the parcel!!

  2. I am excited to see what it is :)

    Have a Merry Christmas :)

    1. Thankyou .... a Happy and Peaceful Christmas to you too ..with a little bit of snow to play in too maybe ? :)