Friday, 9 December 2016

The second week of Advent

Yes , we're home again now ...we did enjoy our break away in Charmouth .
There has been another cliff fall / slump .... but really it will take some time for the sea to wash the fossils out of the thick shale mud and it is not a good idea to climb up on top of it ,or you will get stuck or worse sink down into it never to be seen again !
 I recently hurt my back and being in such pain could not walk any further up the beach this time . Also fossil hunting requires that you plod along , over the beach shingle and onwards up towards the Golden Cap , doing  the  Charmouth Fossil Hunting Shuffle  , bent over , as shown in the next picture  ..I was in far too much pain to Fossil Shuffle on this occasion I sat and watched everybody else doing it this time .

 Then off to Groves Nursery for lunch and oh how I just fell in love with the Polar Bear at the entrance !

                                                      Isn't he gorgeous !

I did a bit of Christmas shopping , bought a couple of strange air plants and couldn't resist a cuddle .

Then back to the beach where I found a couple of nice pieces of  driftwood to hang my air plants on ..and we walked a bit further ....

                                                    .....and a bit further still .

Back at Exeter Airport Hotel,  I watched the Truro City Festival of Lights on T.V and my thoughts were with the Seef Saffah Belly Dancers who were performing there that night. I do hope it all went well girls !

          One more session of wallowing in mud..there's nothing quite like it you know !

     Then back home to Cornwall and how we did enjoy Parc Eglos School Nativity Play in the church ! Beautiful ! The Grumpy Sheep !  :)
         Helston has it's Christmas lights up , but I,ve not seen them on yet .
On my way back from Dance class Wednesday evening we did so love seeing Penryn's Christmas lights ..WOW ! I must take my camera next week .
 Yes my back is much better, so I,m back to dancing ( Zed Shed Penryn ) and we're beginning a new style Raqs Sharqi . Loving it !

 So good to be back home in my garden, this is what I look out at from my kitchen window .

 A bit of sadness though as I came across a Badger lying in the hedgerow..the following day it was lying in the middle of the lane had one leg torn off...(snare ? ..very very sad )...I took her and gave her a decent burial in my meadow .

                                        The veg garden is doing  well .

                It still very mild and leaves are still clinging to the trees .

 The Holly is looking very Christmassy now with her red berries . I,ll be cutting some of this to decorate our little church of St Michaels in Mullion on Saturday .

 Yes it was the Second Sunday in Advent last Sunday . The time just seems to fly by now in the run up to Christmas . So much to do !

                                         I,ve still  had no time to open my parcel .

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  1. You really wanted to take the bear home, I can see!