Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Pottering about in the garden .

                                                     Crinum powellii "rosea"

So what do I mean when I say that I,ve been "pottering about in the garden " ? .......
 In the ornamental garden we have two huge clumps of Crinum powellii that give us a beautiful display later on in the summer . It really is a lovely thing in full bloom with the bees buzzing happily around it . I want to move some of it to a couple of other places in our garden .
 Also I had promised a friend a bulb from it .

 So I thought  , today's the day !  I shoved my fork in ..but would it budge ..no !

 I tried again and managed to get this piece off , but the main good strong roots snapped off ... grrrr...cross with myself !  It has got a few tiny roots..if you click to look more closely  ...sigh ! Stupid me !

I have potted it up and hopefully it will grow stronger new roots ....think I'll leave this job till later on in the year ,when we've had more rain . We haven't had any rain for about a month here the ground is so dry now and the water but is empty .

          So then I decide to tackle that very slowly withering Agave potatorum . (  Look , I just had the urge to dig ! )

 It very satisfyingly ....came up and rolled into my wheelbarrow , which I had ready laid on it's side . All I had to do was shove the wheelbarrow together with the Agave , up with my foot.

 I couldn't get a photo though whilst doing this, but here it is in my wheelbarrow . No idea what I,m going to do with it now ! I,ll think about that later .

                                              I rescued the last few pups .

We are slowly re-working the gravel bed . Now to take out the smaller Agave Americana behind . It isn't happy there .

                     The Acer "Bloodgood" is over shadowing it too much .

 So up it came , with very poor roots too and I have replanted it here in a much better place . It looks a little lost at the moment , but should grow much bigger than the Agave pottertorum did eventually .

           Ooh ! At this point ,I stood up and stretched out my poor aching back !

 Stretching out my back and my hands aching , I look around and admire the Tree Ferns unfurling and the Gunnera manicata leaves pushing up .

I give my hands a good wash , go sit in the Summer house with a glass of lemonade and do a bit of stitching ...and have a think about which Agave baby ,up in the greenhouse is going to replace the old one . I have a nice Agave ferox ..or a Dasylirion wheeleri ..or a wicked Aloe ferox ?


  1. I have tried a few times to grow crinums without sucess, perhaps I will have to try again here :-)

    1. Maybe when we get some rain or maybe in the Autumn the earth will be softer and I can dig one out for you :)

  2. What a wonderful tree fern, with the light coming through its fonds, it looks majestic.

    1. Yes Tree Ferns do really well down here and they are very majestic :)