Thursday, 17 March 2022

Onion sets planted !


A lovely sunny morning so I grabbed my fork and got stuck in with removing several very large and long rooted weeds . I can not always be "no dig" . I would like to be for the sake of the earth and all the beneficial living creatures that are in it  and also for my back , but sometimes those giant rooted weeds do sneak in .....and the fork is the only way !

I had two enormous ferns and a huge stinging nettle sneak in amongst my clump of Rhubarb , there was no way I could pull or twist them out and nor could I cover them over to block out the light to them . It just wouldn't work . I had to get in there with my fork .

The leaf mulch I had put on back in the Autumn still hasn't completely broken down and I needed to spread it and work it in . It is lovely earth here though after years of my replenishing , growing and tending to it . The worms are very happy and I enjoyed my good ol'dig too !  πŸ˜›

I took out the bean frame and moved it up to one end . I won't be doing the beans just yet .

It was the bending down and planting all those Onion sets what made my back and neck ache !


I planted most of them and they were all very good quality . The smaller ones I have planted in a little group to be pulled as Spring onions and a few I gave to husband to plant in his veg trug .

His garlic is doing really well in his Veg Trug (despite being planted too close together)...and mine out in the ground which were nicely spaced out and mulched over the Winter.... are pathetic !  πŸ˜’

Getting back to the Onion sets .....

I watered the onion sets in and covered them over with environmesh to keep the birds from pulling them out.  When they see the little onion shoots they think they are worms . They don't eat them , they just pull them out and toss them all over the place , so then I have to plant them all again ! Sometimes I put grids over them for a few weeks until they get their roots down . I couldn't find my grids and so I used the mesh instead .

I pulled up all of the last remaining leeks from this bed .

There was a nice bunch of Purple Sprouting Broccoli hiding in there too . A nice surprise !

These last remaining Leeks were not the biggest I have ever grown , but I trimmed them up and put them into the fridge for later .

Tomorrow I will be having a check of how things are doing in the greenhouse .

A restful afternoon for me now .  πŸŒΏπŸ’šπŸ€

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