Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Onion sets arrived


Hooray ! My Onion sets arrived in the post today !  Stuttgarter Giants from JustSeeds. I am just waiting for a packet of fertiliser to come later today hopefully and then I will get them all planted out .

All is well in the ornamental part of the garden . I need to get started up in the vegetable garden .

However , that is not to say that there isn't anything happening up there . On the contrary under that green net there are sprouts ( actually the sprouts are now harvested ), leeks and curly kale . 

I took a wander up there just to pootle about and think about what needs to be done now and where the onion sets should go . 

poor photo sorry-camera playing up again !

So bed no.1 -is the "hungry gap" bed . It has been happily growing away through the winter and is stuffed full of Leeks and Kale . 

Bed no .2 - has a few onions in dotted about , but was covered in a nice mulch of leaves over Winter to replenish the earth . Bit of cardboard at the end ,over some weeds .  I am not even thinking about this bed just yet . Move on to ---

Bed no.3 - Also covered with a mulch of leaves . I am not even thinking about this bed just yet . Move on to ---

Bed no.4 -  This bed I am thinking about . I think this is where I am going to plant my onion sets .

I didn't have enough leaves to cover the whole of this bed . I just put the last pile of leaves around the bean poles to cover the Runnerbean plants which are still in there and I am hoping will come up again .  They came up again in the "hungry gap" bed no 1 last year  I was very surprised to see ! 

Anyway , so I am keeping the beanpoles where they are and will plant the onion sets all around the rest of the bed . 

There is a big clump of Rhubarb in this bed at the end and I spied several clumps of onions which might be shallots , a nice surprise and will be very useful  in the kitchen . 

I need to weed and scatter some fertiliser down here , to get the onion sets off to a good start . 

So there we are . That is all my pottering about and thinking done for the day . 🌞🌻💓


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