Friday 14 May 2021

New Agaves - very happy me !

                                          The old Sundial Bed .
 I have been thinking for some time now , that this bed needs sorting out . There are lots of lovely things growing in here , but it has become over grown and riddled with brambles .

More importantly,this is the resting place of two of our old faithful doggy friends .   It really needed smartening up .

A kind and lovely lady up in the village was digging up and giving away some Agaves from her garden and I was lucky enough to get the last one !

In fact it turned out to be two lovely large ones and lots of little pups !

They were beginning to over hang a path at the side of her house and she was glad to clear them . 

I was glad I had brought this green plastic sheet , that the two of us could scoop them up and swing them ,with a thud , into the back of our car .

These beasties can bite !

We quickly closed the door and nobody got hurt in the process ! 

When we got home , I dragged them down here into the shade , while I could have a little rest , enjoy a nice cup of tea and think about where to plant them .

I knew that the largest one would look good in the old Sundial bed and quickly got to preparing the bed . We were expecting rain so I had to work fast . 

I managed to weed out most of the bed and get the largest one planted . I still want to put some slate slabs and flat rocks around for good drainage and it to protect the roots from excessive wet . 
  The bed is facing south , so I hope it will be happy here .
                                                I think it looks fab !

The Cordyline behind it had mysteriously died a couple of years ago and sadly did not put out any new shoots like they normally do . I cut it down and left the trunk , ever hopeful !
  I took off a couple of the lower branches of the Acer so that we can enjoy the lovely Golden Hop , Humulus lupulus "aureus" scrabbling up into it .

The rain came . I dragged the remaining Agave and the pups up into the greenhouse . I will sort them out tomorrow . 
  I am soaked to the skin , but , happy and very thankful  .

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